SQUINT™ (Social See Something, Say Something) is a browser plugin and mobile app that enables rapid social media situational awareness of COVID-19-related misinformation for public health officials through crowd-sourced reporting. When you click on the SQUINT owl icon in your browser or mobile app, the information is analyzed, and a clear and concise report is generated for SQUINT™ users.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do reports explicitly need to relate to COVID-19 vaccines?

No, please SQUINT™ any suspected misinformation about COVID-19 illness, symptions, treatments, and vaccines.


I submitted the wrong screenshot or an invalid report by mistake.

When you submit a report, you should receive a Confirmation Report email. In that same email, there is a link to delete your report. Be careful! That action cannot be undone.


I lost my one-time credentials.

Please contact us at squint@mitre.org to receive new credentials.


Who funds this program and what report / product is expected as a result?

This program is currently being funded by MITRE. The program will provide both individual reports of misinformation suitable for sharing by your organization, and aggregate trending reports which provide situational awareness of topics and trends of misinformation. Any trending topics will feed into other tools developed by MITRE to help focus other tools which monitor and analyze misinformation.


Do you sell your data, if so to whom/for what?

No, we do not sell data. MITRE is a not-for-profit working in the public interest. We view election integrity as an important part of our nation’s security, and this is one of the programs we’ve been working on to help preserve election integrity.


What other agencies are affiliated and have access to the data as a result of this program?

Our default is that the data will be aggregated and reported by participant location. However, if there are similar topics or themes that emerge from cross geographical analysis, then anonymized information may be shared across locations (e.g. if similar or identical misinformation is being reported by other locations, the URLs and misinformation may be shared). Our data is stored in a manner that allows for fine grained controls on information sharing. We have representatives from multiple geographic locations who are participating or have indicated that they intend to participate. We have briefed some federal, state, and local agencies about this program. If there are agencies that you would like to have access to data from your location, we can work to put the appropriate data use and sharing agreements in place.

Approved for Public Release; Distribution Unlimited.  Public Release Case Number 20-2096.